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Studying up on school safety

The latest “Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2016” reports a dramatic reduction in the incidence of theft, victimization, bullying and fights in school. What role does technology play? Read more in our Studying up on school safety blog and share your thoughts.


Axis Partner Showcase - Manchester

Visit the Axis Partner Showcase for demonstrations on how our partners, in conjunction with Axis, can deliver solutions that are relevant and will stand the test of time. 


Axis interim report

Find the latest financial and corporate information about Axis in the latest interim report, presented on July 12.


Security and cost-savings

Challenging the “lights on at night” myth, Rock Hills protects its school district in the dark with Lightfinder technology. Watch school officials explain how they save thousands of dollars a year in this customer video.


24 hours. 24 stories.

Learn how customers are using the full width and depth of the Axis product portfolio in our new brochure A smarter, safer world around the clock.


Perimeter security for Lady Eleanor Holles

Lady Eleanor Holles School now has 100% perimeter protection having deployed a total of 64 Axis cameras and ANPR analytics covering all gates. Cameras cover public areas and corridors within buildings - both inside and out.


Jobs are easier with the right tools

AXIS Camera Station Integrator Suite is an all-in-one toolkit - a smart, simple way to manage your customers’ installations at every step, from design to deployment – and beyond.


AXIS T8415 important information

We have determined that, in very rare cases in conjunction with product misuse, the battery in the AXIS T8415 Wireless Installation Tool may pose a safety risk. We request customers to return their enclosed and warranty sealed batteries for repair or replacement at no cost.


AXIS M3046-V 1.8mm lens option

A new model AXIS M3046-V Network Camera gives you lens options of either 1.8 mm or 2.4 mm. AXIS M3046-V provides exceptional video quality in up to 4 MP at an affordable price. 


Domes with microphone capture it all

Sometimes schools need to capture audio as well as video. Our portfolio contains a number of affordable fixed domes with audio, including the Canon VB-S800VE which is an outdoor-ready camera with built-in microphone. 


Additions to AXIS Q1659 Network Camera

AXIS Q1659 Network Camera 55-250 mm brings great image quality and zoom capabilities in a competitively priced package. Easy to install outdoors in AXIS T93C10 Outdoor Housing using AXIS T93C Extension Kit.


For monitoring where space is limited

To improve AXIS Camera Station solutions we now introduce two new Desktop Terminals: AXIS S9101 with a micro form factor and AXIS S9201 including a monitor. Both designed for optimal viewing of high-definition surveillance video.


Highly responsive in wide area surveillance

Sometimes you need a slow, steady pan. Other times it’s important to be on the spot in a flash. With the responsive AXIS Q8641-E/Q8642-E PT Thermal Network Cameras, you set the pace for unobstructed and far-reaching detection of expansive outdoor areas.


New AXIS P12 Series models

We are happy to announce that we are expanding our AXIS P12 Series offering with AXIS P1245 and AXIS P1275 with support for HDTV 1080p, WDR, and a detachable cable for maximum flexibility.


Ready to order and end-of-life products

Ready to order products
AXIS M3047-P Network Camera
AXIS M3048-P Network Camera
AXIS M3046-V Network Camera
AXIS Q1659 Network Camera 55-250 mm
AXIS T93C Extension Kit
AXIS Camera Station S9101 Desktop Terminal
AXIS Camera Station S9201 Desktop Terminal

End-of-life products
AXIS Q6054 PTZ Network Camera 50Hz  
AXIS Q6054 PTZ Network Camera 60Hz  
AXIS Q6054-E PTZ Network Camera 50Hz  
AXIS Q6054-E PTZ Network Camera 60Hz  
AXIS PT-Mount Bracket A 5P
Varifocal Megapixel Lens 5-50 mm


Learn the fundamentals of network video

Axis Communications Academy has been in operation for over 20 years and has trained over 5000 of your peers, on everything from the fundamentals of network video to how to design a system. Can you afford to be left behind?


Reliable and cost-efficient school security

For most schools, security is a top priority, but budgets are tight. We help you design and install reliable school safety solutions that meet the security and cost-saving needs of your customers. 


Axis making the difference for end customers

> Restaurants: Pause Cat Cafe (UK)
> Transportation: NedTrain (Netherlands)


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