Drone Protection with Dedrone


Protecting your data is nothing new in this digital age with backups cloud storage and IOSafes we think we have all in hand right? so what about protecting what you cant see at 400ft? we only expect planes and birds to be above our heads right?

How many drones have you seen since they come to the consumer market in 2012! 5 / 10 /50+? 

Well, Dedrone did a site survey for a customer, they reported seeing 2 drones in a month, so we set up shop after a 1-month surveying the airspace Dedrone found there were 26 drone detections. 

With the growth of upto 1,000,000 new drones being introduced into the airspace every month worldwide and 1,200,00 of them sold in December 2016 alone we now need to understand what has now been seen as a new threat, thus creating a new level of protection we did not need before.

So starts the rise of Espionage, Hacking, Surveillance, Smuggling, and Terrorist activities the list goes on... 

What do you plan to do? 

Well, we have been looking into drone tracking and monitoring. Is it a drone? When was this drone about? Where did the drone go?

Right now we can detect a drone using the drone signal, with cameras we can identify the drone, with sensors we can track the flight path. Know what the drone is doing is key to what is happening wether is a wifi attach, payload delivery or surveillance.