VISIPOINT – Visitor Management System

Professional Paperless Reception

A beautifully crafted all-in-one touch screen terminal - purpose-built for ergonomic visitor management - that sits at reception with a fully digital operation. No more visitor books or paperwork!


Real-Time Access to Premises Status

Real-Time Premises Status. The system updates itself instantly, meaning you’re always empowered with live premises activity and attendance intelligence, that can be accessed anytime from anywhere.


A comprehensive history of all visitor, contractor and staff activity, with user-friendly reporting tools and a flexible web-based management dashboard. Gain incredible insight in an instant!

Photo ID 

VisiPoint prints a high-quality photo ID badge for all persons coming to your premises, clearly showing their details, visit information and what access has been granted.

Fire / Evacuation 

From any mobile device with a browser, you can pull-up an instant register of all persons on site and check them off as ‘found’ in case of an emergency situation.


Besides your standard T&Cs, contractors working on site will be presented with specific questions to fortify health & safety measures and allocate correct permits to work.

VisiPoint is a school security system that empowers your reception team and gives you all the information needed for visitors, contractors and staff. It’s easy to use and doesn't require any technical knowledge for operation.


I have much more time to complete other tasks now that I'm not being interrupted to produce visitor badges.
- Admin Assistant, Secondary School

Most user-friendly real-time Visitor Management Dashboard

VisiPoint’s real-time dashboard can be accessed from your phone, tablet or PC. It’s been reviewed as the most intuitive dashboard seen by our clients.
  • Expecting certain visitors today? Pre-register the visitor details and VisiPoint will speed up their sign-in process. Or issue a fast-track badge for seamless arrivals and departures. 
  • Need to check when a visitor or contractor was there? Select a date range or specific user profile, and you'll see a complete day-by-day timesheet.
  • Wondering if staff member is in the building?One-click on the dashboard and you'll be able to see their whereabouts with a full staff history in an instant.

VisiPoint dashboard is loved by receptionists and relied-upon by managers.

Instant Emergency Call-out Lists

  • You no longer have to grab a book, print sheets or struggle to read unclear handwriting in the case of an emergency. From any browser-enabled mobile device (phones, tablets, laptops etc.) you can access the most up-to-date register of everyone at your premises.
  • You’ll be presented with all their contact details and visit information, as well as a photo for instant recognition. Simply scroll down the list and tick the ‘found’ box when someone’s been located.
  • You can also print out the latest emergency list to use for fire drills or manual roll-calls.

Detailed Reports

Complete history and reports at your fingertips

  • Produce reports tailored to your needs

Whether it’s attendance over a date range, contractor timesheets, specific company/visitor records or just about anything else.

  • Comprehensive record-keeping provides a vast array of key data to work with 

Giving you constant insight to aid decision-making and ensure total continuity.

  • Simple, graphical interface for all reporting

Complete history and designed to present snippets of key information or an entire overview of activity in the most appealing and usable way at your fingertips.