Video content analysis (also Video content analytics, VCA) is the capability of automatically analysing video to detect and determine temporal and spatial events. As such, it can be seen as the automated equivalent of the biological visual cortex.

We offer a number of iLids approved analytic software to meet the demand of security and data analysis information to give your business the edge on the competition. Analytics are now used in gaining valuable information on customers buying habits. Movement of products and gaining information on your customer’s footprint of shopping preference gives you the edge over the competition.

Video not working? How about a sound analytic to listen for key certain sounds, broken glass or the sound of a door shutting. We have analytics that hears and sees. Our analytics can detect if a piece of machinery is operating to its highest level or detect a ball bearing that is damaged on a train wheel.

The technology we deliver utilises video and sound for advanced analytical information analysis.

  • People counting
  • ANPR
  • Smoke and fire detection
  • Queue or crowd detection
  • Facial capture
  • Direction movement
  • Missing objects
  • Heat maps
  • Racial chanting
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Faulty machinery

Manufactures we are certified and provide consultancy include but not limited to: